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Compositore: FEICHTINGER Fritz (alto guitar)

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Dances, Tunes and Ballads from the Renaissance - Vol.1 (England): ROBINSON 15 Pi?ces from The Schoole of Musicke - CUTTING Packington's Pound - HOLBORNE The Faity Round; High Ho Holiday; Pieces without title; Playfellow - JONSON Alman - DOWLAND Preludium; The Shoemake's Wife; Lady Laiton's Almaine; Mr. Dowland Midnight; Fortune My Foe; Orlando Sleepeth - ANONIMO A Dance and triple; Go from my window; Warkin's Ale; Greensleeves to a Ground; Kemp's Jig; Willson's Wilde
Compositori: Anonimo; CUTTING Francis; DOWLAND John (Inghilterra); HOLBORNE Anthony (Inghilterra); JOHNSON Robert; ROBINSON Thomas
Interpreti: FEICHTINGER Fritz (alto guitar)
Casa Discografica: POINT-OH
Codice: PCD 5102
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 17.50