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Compositore: JOYCE Arcibald

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KETELBEY A. In a Persian Market - ADDINSELL R. Warsaw Concerto - e a.
Compositori: ADDINSELL Richard (Inghilterra); COATES Eric (Inghilterra); ELGAR Edward Sir. (Inghilterra); GOODWIN Ron; JOYCE Arcibald; KETTELBY Albert; LENNON John Anthony; STUART
Interpreti: LANCHBERY John (dir); Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Casa Discografica: ABC Classics
Codice: ABC 4725092
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 21.00
Salon to Swing - Salon: JOYCE Songe d'automne - NEALE The Dancing Dustman - PRYOR The Whistler & his Dog - ANCLIFFE Fragrance - KROTSH Tiszian Chikosh - In a Monastery Garden - COBB Russian Rag - Swing: SHIELD/RAGAS Clarinet Marmalade - PARRISH/CARMICHAEL Stardust - KERN Who - CONFREY Dizzy Fingers - NOBLE Cherokee - SHERWIN/MASHWITZ A Nidhtigale in Berkeley... - SHAW Special Delivery Stomp
Compositori: ANCLIFFE Charles; CARMICHAEL Hoagy; COBB George L.; CONFREY Zez; JOYCE Arcibald; KERN Jerome; KETELBEY Albert W.; MASHWITZ Eric; NEALE Barry; NOBLE Ray; PRYOR Arthur; RAGAS H.W,; SHAW Artie; SHERWIN Manning; SHIELD; WOOD Haydn
Interpreti: Esecutori vari; GODWIN Anthony (dir); The Palm Court Theatre Orchestra
Casa Discografica: CHANDOS - Inghilterra
Codice: CHA 8856
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 25.00
British Light Music Classic: COATES Calling All Worckers- TOYE The Haunted Ballroom - COLLINS Vanity Fair - FARNON Jumping Bean - BAYNES Destiny - CURZON The Boulevardier - LUTZ Pas de quatre - BINGE The Watermill; Serenade - WILLIAMS The Devil's Galop; The Old Clokmaker - GIBBS Dusk - WHITE Puffin' Billy - KETELBEY Bells Across the Meadows - JOYCE Dreaming - ELLIS Coronation Scot - ANCLIFFE Nights of Gladness
Compositori: ANCLIFFE Charles; BAYNES Sydney; BINGE Ronald; COATES Eric (Inghilterra); COLLINS Anthony; CURZON Frederic; ELLIS Vivian (Inghilterra); FARNON Robert; GIBBS Cecil Armstrong (USA); JOYCE Arcibald; KETELBEY Albert W.; LUTZ Meyer; TOYE Jeoffrey; WHITE Edward; WILLIAMS Charles
Interpreti: CORP Ronald (dir); The New London Orchestra
Casa Discografica: HYPERION - Inghilterra
Codice: HYP 66868
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 25.00
Soviet Army Brass Band plays Old Russian Waltzes: KITLER The Expectation - JOYCE An Autumn Dream; Reminiscence - WALDTEUFFEL Estudiantina; A Day in Seville - SHATROV On the Manchurian Hills - IVANOVICHI The Danube Waves - ANDREYEV Orchid - BECKER On a Calm Lake; Queen of the Ball - GAPON Torn Strings - AGAPKIN Blue Night - ROSAS Over Waves - DAVINHOFF The Herald - BAKALEINIKOV The Sorrow - EBAN The Reveries
Interpreti: First Evemplary Orchestra of the USSR Defense Ministry
Casa Discografica: VISTA VERA - URSS
Codice: VIS 00127
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 19.50
British Light Classic vol.2: HOPE Mexican Hat Dance - ANCLIFFE Nights of Gladness - Joyce Dreaming - LUTZ Pas de quatre "Faust Un-to-date" - BUCALOSSI The Grtasshopper's Dance - CURZON The Boulevardier - TOYE The Haunted Ballroom - TOMLINSON Concert Jig Silverthorn Suite - BINGE The Watermill - WILLIAMS The Old Clockmaker - KETELBEY Bells Across the Meadow - GIBBS DUSK Fancy Dress - FARNON Jumping Bean - BAYNES Destiny - e a.
Compositori: ANCLIFFE Charles; BAYNES Sydney; BINGE Ronald; BUCALOSSI Ernest; COATES Eric (Inghilterra); CURZON Frederic; FARNON Robert; GIBBS Cecil Armstrong (USA); HARTY Herbert Hamilton (Irlanda); HOPE Peter; JOYCE Arcibald; KETELBEY Albert W.; LUTZ Meyer; TOMLINSON Ernest; TOYE Jeoffrey; WILLIAMS Charles
Interpreti: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; WORDSWORTH Barry (dir)
Casa Discografica: WARNER CLASSIC
Codice: WAR 256462020
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 17.00