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Compositore: JACKSON Oliver

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O tuneful voice - Songs and Duets from Late Eighteenth-Century England: HAYDN O tuneful voice; She never told her love; Sailor's Song - ARNOLD Elegy - PINTO Invocation to Nature; A sheperd lov'd a nymph so fair - STORACE The Curfew - LINLEY The lark sings high in the Minuetto in A flat; cornfield; Think not, my love; From thee, Eliza - JACKSON The day that saw thy beauty rise - SHIELD Hope and Love; Tis only no harm - CARDON Var.
Compositori: CARDON Jean-Baptiste; HAYDN Franz Joseph (Austria); HOOK James; JACKSON Oliver; LINLEY Thomas (Inghilterra); PINTO George Frederick; SALOMON Johann Peter; SHIELD; STORACE Stephen (Inghilterra)
Interpreti: KELLY Frances (arpa); KIRKBY Emma (soprano); MULLER Rufus (tenore); ROBERTS Timothy (fortepiano - clavicembalo - organo) (dir)
Casa Discografica: HYPERION - Inghilterra
Codice: HYP 66497
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 25.00