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Compositore: HUNFREY Pelham

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Coronation Music for Charles II - PARSON The song called trumpets - MERSENNE L'Sntree, A Cheval, etc.; LOCKE 5 part-things for the cornetts _ FANTINI Entrata Imperiale - CHILD O Lord - BYRD In Nomine; Miserere a 4 Browning a 5 HUNPHREY Te Deum - BASSANO Pavan a 6 - LAWES Fantazia - ADSON Courtly Masquing Ayres
Compositori: AAVV; ADSON John; BASSANO Agustine; BYRD William (Inghilterra); CHILD William; FANTINI Girolamo (Italia); HUNFREY Pelham; LOCKE Matthew (Inghilterra); MERSENNE Marin; PARSONS Robert (Inghilterra)
Interpreti: Vari
Casa Discografica: ACCENT - Belgio
Codice: ACCE 24300
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 24.00
JOHNSON Have you seen but the bright lily grow; Woods, rocks and mountains; With endless teares; Come hother you that love; Come, heavy sleep; 3 Almain's ;The Price's Almain - LANIER Mark how the blushful morn; I wish no more; No more shall meads be deck'd with flowers - LAWES Amarillis by a spring; Amintor's welladay; Sleep soft... Cloris dead; Ariadne's Lament- GAUTIER 2 Courantes; Volte, Cloches- HUMPREY 4 pieces- PURCELL 4 pieces
Compositori: HUNFREY Pelham; JOHNSON Robert; LANIER Nicholas; LAWES Henry (Inghiterra); PURCELL Henry (Inghilterra)
Interpreti: JACOBS Fred (tiorba - chitarra); ZOMER Johanette (soprano)
Casa Discografica: CHANNEL CLASSICS - Olanda
Codice: CHN 26609
Supporto: 1 SACD CDSuper audio
€ 27.50
Music from the Chapel Royal - HUMFREY O Lord my God; Lord i have sinned; I will always; O the sad day; Sleep downy sleep; Wilt thou forgive - COOKE Put me not to rebuke; O Lord - BLOW I will hearken
Compositori: BLOW John (Inghilterra); COOKE Henry; HUNFREY Pelham
Interpreti: The Sixteen
Casa Discografica: CORO - Inghilterra
Codice: CO 16041
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 24.50
English Church Music: BYRD W. Masses & Anthiphons - HUNFREY P. Verse Anthems - GIBBONS O. Second Service & Consort Anthems --
Compositori: BYRD William (Inghilterra); GIBBONS Orlando (Inghilterra); HUNFREY Pelham
Interpreti: Chanticleer; Fretwork; IVES Bill (dir); McGEGAN Nicholas (dir-flauto); Romanesca; The Choir of Clare College,Cambridge; The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford
Casa Discografica: HARMONIA MUNDI - Francia
Codice: HMF 2907454/56
Supporto: 3 CD Compact disc
€ 51.00
Compositori: HUNFREY Pelham
Interpreti: Vari
Casa Discografica: HARMONIA MUNDI - Francia
Codice: HMF 907053
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 25.00