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Compositore: HOIBY Lee

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MICHAELIS Patrice, soprano: American Songs by HOIBY An Immortality; What If; The Message; The Shepherd; In the Wand Wind- ALTMAN O del mio dolce ardor; Reimagining- ADAMS Branch by Branch; Homesick BluesThe Wider View- GRIER Who as Seen the Wind- LARSEN Perineo- THOMAS Amarill, mia bella- CARL Beginning ny Studies- MUSTO Dove sta amore; 5 songs- EWAZEN 3 Lyrics of Edna St. Vincent Millay- TUCKER Mots d'heures: Gousses rames- BOWKER Bingo..
Compositori: ADAMS Leslie; ALTMAN Laurie; BOWKER Robert; CARL Robert; EWAZEN Eric; GRIER Lita; HARMON John; HOIBY Lee; LARSEN Libby; MUSTO John; THOMAS Richard Pearson; TUCKER Dan
Interpreti: BUCCHERI Elizabeth (pianoforte); MICHAELS Patrice (soprano)
Casa Discografica: CEDILLE Records
Codice: CDR 90000091
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 24.50
Cynthia HAYMON, mezzosoprano: Where the music comes from (American Songs)
Compositori: BARBER Samuel (USA); BECK David; BURLEIGH Cecil; FARWELL Arthur; GRIFFES Charles Tomlinson; HOIBY Lee; HUNDLEY Richard; NORDOFF; ROREM Ned (USA)
Interpreti: HAYMON Cynthia (mezzosoprano); JONES Warren (pianoforte)
Casa Discografica: DECCA - Italia/Inghilterra
Codice: DEC 436117
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 22.00
THOMPSON A prayer to St. Catherine; If thou a reason dost desire to know; Two by marianne moore; John Peel; At the Spring - HUNDLEY Sweet suffolk owl - HOIBY What if....; Jabberwocky - KLEIN Kidnap poem - BOWLES Blue Mountain Ballads; Sleeping song; A little Closer, Please; Three; Letter to Freddy; Secret Words; My Sister's Hand in Mine - MUSTO Recuerdo (Echo, Recuero; A Last Song)
Compositori: BOWLES Paul; HOIBY Lee; HUNDLEY Richard; KLEIN Eric; MUSTO John; THOMSON Virgil (USA)
Interpreti: BLIER Steven (pianoforte); SHARP William (baritono)
Casa Discografica: NEW WORLD RECORDS - Stati Uniti
Codice: NWR 369
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 26.00
American Songs: HEGGIE He's Gone Away; To Say Before Going to Sleep; White in the Moon; The Leather-Winged Bat; Barb'ry Allen - COPLAND The Little Horses; Ching-a Ring; At the River; Xion's Walls - DUKE In the Fields; Twentirth Century - BARBER Bessie Bobtail; I Hear an Army; Sure on this Shining Night; Rain Has Fallen; Sleep Now - HOLBY Winter Song; A Letter - HUNDLEY The Astronomers - ABORN T'is Winter now; e a.- NILES Black is..
Compositori: ABORN Lora; ABRAMSON Robert; BARBER Samuel (USA); COPLAND Aaron (USA); DUKE John Woods; HEGGIE Jake; HOIBY Lee; HUNDLEY Richard; IVES Charles (USA); NAGINSKI Charles; NILES John Jacob
Interpreti: LARMORE Jennifer (soprano); PALLOC Antoine
Casa Discografica: TELDEC - Germania
Codice: TEL 092749836
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 16.00
Bon appetit !
Compositori: HOIBY Lee
Interpreti: Vari
Casa Discografica: ALBANY Records - Stati Uniti
Codice: TROY 1028
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 22.00