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Compositore: HAMMOND Philip

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HAMMOND P. Miniatures & Modulations: The Wild Boy, Kiss Me Lady, Rose Dillon,The Little and Great Mountain, Old Truagh, Molly My Treasure, John O?Reilly The Active, Have You Seen My Valentine?...- -- Charles MacHugh (piano) --
Compositori: HAMMOND Philip
Interpreti: McHUGH John (pianoforte)
Casa Discografica: Grand Piano
Codice: GP 702
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 23.50
Let Christmas All With Joyful Mirth - Chistmas Music from Northern Ireland: ROGERS Let Christians - DAVIDSON Lullay, lullow; The Kong shall come - PARK Collaudemus - WHITE In olden time - w a.
Compositori: AAVV; ANDERSON John; BOODLE Christopher; BRENNAM Charles; DAVISON Donald; GRAHAM Huston; GRINDLE Grindle; HAMMOND Philip; NELSON Daniel; PARK Dorothy; POWEL Friedrick; ROGERS Keith; WHITE John
Interpreti: GRINDLE Harry (dir); STOPFORT Philip (dir); The Priory Singers, Belfast
Casa Discografica: PRIORY - Inghilterra
Codice: PRI 856
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 19.00