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Compositore: DE JOHNNETTE Jack

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Keith JARRETT, Gary PEACOCK, Jack DE JOHNETTE, Live in Japan: DVD1 Open Theater East Yokyo (July 25, 1993): In Your Own Sweet Way; Butch And Butch; Basin Street Blues; Solar; e a. - DVD2 Ochard Hall, Tokyo (March 30, 1996): It Could Happen To You; Never Let Me Go; Billie's Bounce; Summert Night; I'ill Remember April; e a. - Picture Format: 26/9 - Running Time: 230 mins
Compositori: DE JOHNNETTE Jack; JARRETT Keith; PEACOCK Gary
Interpreti: DE JONG Euwe (organo); JARRETT Keith (pianoforte-clavicembalo); PEACOCK Gary (contrabbasso)
Casa Discografica: ECM RECORDS - Germania
Codice: ECM 1772710
Supporto: 2 DVD Video
€ 32.00
My foolish heart - Live at Montreux
Compositori: DE JOHNNETTE Jack; JARRETT Keith
Interpreti: Vari
Casa Discografica: ECM RECORDS - Germania
Codice: ECM 2021/22
Supporto: 2 CD Compact disc
€ 39.00
Blue note sessions: BURRELL Midnight Blue - PEARSON Sudel; After the Rain - KENNEDY Maybe in your Dreams; Stranger in a Stranger Land - CORNELL Sunshine Alley - CARTER Nerarly - SMITH Expansion - SILVER Sing for my Father - HUNTER I Almost Lost My Mind - BONUS: DE JOHNNETTE Song for World Forgivennes
Compositori: BURRELL Kenny; CARTER Ron; CORNELL Butch; DE JOHNNETTE Jack; HUNTER Ivory Joe; KENNEDY Nigel; PEARSON Duke; SILVER Horace; SMITH Lonnie Liston
Interpreti: CARTER Ron (contrabbasso); Esecutori vari; KENNEDY Nigel (violino); LOVANO Joe (sax)
Casa Discografica: EMI
Codice: EMI 3570502
Supporto: 1 CD Compact disc
€ 26.00